Shorin Ryu Karate at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln

An Affiliate of the Okinawan Shorin Ryu Kishaba Juku

Spring and Summer Schedule 2017

We will be meeting back on City Campus in the Combatives Room MWF from 8-9:30 am for the Spring and Summer 2017. Fall courses will be moving back to mornings and to City Campus for the Fall 2017 Semester (back on our old schedule). For brown-belt ranks and up, there is a Saturday 10am-12noon class that meets on City Campus as well. See you soon, KD

Spring 2016 Rank Test


Congratulations to the Spring 2016 students. We completed another full semester of training and had 5 promotions! In keeping with the last few semesters, the UNL Shorin Ryu Karate Club has continued to add a small number of hard working students each year who have worked individually and together to improve their skill and understanding. Fall semester starts August 22nd at the East Campus Health and Wellness Center, MW 6:30pm-8:30pm.