20151212_170348 (2)Our karate club at the University of Nebraska Lincoln meets year-round at the UNL’s City Campus  Rec Center. Our class meets Monday and Wednesday mornings from 8-9:30 am (advanced ranks also meet Saturday mornings from 10am-12noon except in those weeks when there is a home football game).  The class is led by Kirk Dombrowski, a professor in UNL’s Department of Sociology.

20150303_191240-1 (2)Our dojo is an affiliate of the Okinawan Shorin Ryu Kishaba Juku, and is sanctioned by the American Karate Federation, one of the oldest Shorin Ryu organizations in the United States. As part of the AKF, we continue to collaborate with dojos from around the country including New York, Iowa, and Virginia. As part of the Kishaba Juku, we share links with karate programs in Okinawa, and internationally (as well as in the US). Interested University of Nebraska students and members of the community can use the Contact Us page to learn more about our group. You can also visit the AKF website, or the AKF group on Facebook.