Iowa CityOur style of karate is referred to as Matsubayashi Shorin Ryu, a system assembled by Nagamine Shoshin after WWII. It was brought to the US by American Gary Tiktin in the late 1950s, and became popular under teacher Denis Oliver at the University of Iowa in the 1970s and 80s.

Chief InstruReceiving BB from Shinzatoctor of the Nebraska Shorin Ryu program is Kirk Dombrowski. He holds a Godan (5th degree) black belt from the American Karate Federation, and teaching license from the Okinawa Kishaba Juku (from Shinzato Katsuhiko Sensei, Juku Cho). Prior to moving to UNL, Sensei Dombrowski ran a Shorin Ryu dojo at the City University of New York, first at tNY Dojo 1996he City College Campus, and later at John Jay. Over 10 years, he promoted 17 students to the rank of black belt. Several of these students have gone on to form their own karate programs.

Our current class meets several times each week. New students are accepted 3 times each year (January, May, and August). If interested, please contact us using the form on any of these pages.